About Us

We love fashion!

We are a team of enthusiastic fashion designers and manufacturers, with an experience of 30+ years in the trade. Some of us have been designing for the top fashion brands in Europe, some of us have owned  factories, that were manufacturing for high-end designer brands, over generations.

The story began in 2008, when we met in a pub in Dublin and came up with an idea:
Designmanufacture and supply our customers as a multi-national team. Starting from the first sketch to the ready garment worn, every one of us participates in every step.

We love fashion and every single garment we make.
We do not hire or employ designers , we are them.
We do not have the best sales team, we are the them.
We do not work with selective manufacturers, we are them.

That idea now has become a multi national-company with sales offices/showrooms in Ireland and United Kingdom and with its own factories based in Turkey.

We still feel enthusiastic and love fashion…